Traffic Control Management

Keep It Moving

Las Vegas Parking's executive team takes great pleasure in applying our years of experience to the design and development of efficient parking venues. We can expertly create and execute a customized plan for you, like we’ve done for so many satisfied clients through the years. For example, NASCAR attracts about 245,000 attendees over three days. With a staff of 200, we directed and moved 85,000 vehicles in record-breaking time and provided traffic coordination within the 1,600-acre complex. During a 12-day event at the World Market Center, we handled the traffic needs of 85,000 exhibitors and attendees with a staff of 125. Utilizing two valet lots, parked and released more than 2,000 cars within 12 hours each day. Cab lines, with six to eight stations, loaded 900 cabs for 1,800 people with a 15-minute maximum wait time, while traffic control handled over 4,000 cars within 12 hours each day.

Las Vegas Parking offers more than just parking lot management, we provide friendly attentive, appropriately attired employees who will make sure everything runs smoothly for you. They’ve been carefully screened, thoroughly trained and are properly supervised. We’re at your service.

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