Community Service

Giving Back

Las Vegas Parking strongly believes in being actively involved with and giving back to the community. We have a vested interest in making Las Vegas a better place to live, work and play. We’ve raised our families here and worked hard through the years to build our business in this community. Individually and collectively, we have served on many local boards, supported worthy causes, been involved with the Boy Scouts and Little League, helped needy children and their families, mentored students and more. As a company, we often donate our services to charitable organizations in support of their valuable efforts.


“I am proud to say that Las Vegas Parking has donated valet services for our highest profile events, including Camelot at the Magical Forest, Imagine and O-Vino time and time again. They say “yes” without hesitation because they are a company that understands the importance of giving back to their community. Our guests are treated to a white glove experience from the moment they are greeted by their valet team.

We are so grateful that Las Vegas Parking has donated so much of their time, giving up Saturday evenings and working in all sorts of weather. Their professionalism, positive attitude and friendly demeanor create a wonderful experience for those who attend Opportunity Village events and we are forever thankful. We love and respect our Las Vegas Parking friends.”

Linda Smith
Associate Executive Director
Chief Development Officer
Opportunity Village